While this year has been filled with many challenges, it has also been a year when hundreds of people chose to put their love in action to help refugees and immigrants feel welcome in their new communities. Here are some of the responses we received when we asked people how being in relationship with refugees and immigrants changed them.

“Volunteering with World Relief has helped me put my love in action by opening my eyes to the world now in my neighborhood. I now have a greater respect for the skills of those displaced in our world, and [...] I have learned to live out the cause of justice with a bit more balance and fewer assumptions, and I hope with more grace.”  - Cheryl P.

“As a refugee, volunteering with World Relief helps me put my love in action by giving me the chance to give back to the community that I live in and help other refugees like myself.” - Alhussein A.

“Volunteering with World Relief continues to expand my view of the world and our interconnectedness with one another.  I see a clearer, fuller picture of the kingdom of God from my friends who have been on the refugee and immigrant journey.   I am always reminded of the rich welcome I receive from Jesus as I offer a small glimpse of that welcome to others.” - Roxanne E.

“My time volunteering with World Relief equipped me to put my love in action in the community I am now serving in the Philippines. I really think the special friendships I formed through teaching English prepared me to learn a new language myself. Even more importantly, those friendships challenged me to live out Scripture concretely.”  - Abigail B.

“Being with refugee children ages 3 to 5 has been healing for me day-to-day and reopened my heart to the joy of unconditional, mutual love. It has led me to prayerfully contemplate if God's plan for me is to be more involved locally or as a missionary.” - Wade J.

“Words are easy, but week in and week out volunteering with World Relief has allowed me to put my love in action by giving meaning to the words that bubbled to the surface of my heart and mind over the past few years, as I watched the immigrant community become the receiving end of misguided concern and even harsh negativity.  As a second generation American on one side, it has been an honor, a privilege, and a true ministry to welcome my refugee and immigrant neighbors in tangible ways to the country that afforded my family, and now theirs, the chance to live in safety and peace.” - Amy H.

"Serving a refugee family with a team from my church has given us all the opportunity to get out of our comfort zones, put our love in action in new ways, and think creatively when we could be tempted to be discouraged." - Clair

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