Written by Emily B. Gray, SVP of U.S. Ministries

God of our past and God of our future,
It is in your presence that we stand in this empty place,
Asking that before it is full of things and full of day to day activity,
That it first be filled by you,
By Your Spirit and
By Your Love.


We praise you for your faithfulness to World Relief DuPage/Aurora over the past 4 decades -
For the places you have provided as a “home” for this ministry,
For the office behind the laundromat that once stood at College Avenue and President St,
And for the building, for “Scripture Press”, that has been our home for the last 20 years.
In all of this we see your hand of provision and of grace
And we know this this new place, our next home, is also a gift from you.  We are deeply grateful, Lord.


In the newness of this place we are reminded
That you ever go before us and before those we serve, making a way for us all.
We see in these walls and hallways that you are providing a place of help and a place of peace.
We know that there are people in our world today who do not yet know they will one day come to this place.
Today there is a distant family who does not know that they will one day have to flee their home.
When that day of violence, loss, and fear comes in their lives, Lord, we pray for their safety.
And we thank you that you are going before them,
Establishing, even now, this place where they will find help, comfort, and a reflection of your love.


We thank you for the people of WRDA who embody that reflection of love,
For all those that you have called to join you in this ministry of welcome.
For those who have served on staff and as volunteers in the past,
We give your praise for their faithful service.
For those who are the staff and volunteers today,
We give you thanks for their hearts to serve all those whom you will bring through these doors.
For those that you will call to serve here in the future,
We give you praise for providing today in advance this place for their future service.
Thank you for all those who serve and who have answered your call…
First to love you with all their heart, soul, mind and strength -
And then to love their neighbor as themselves.
May this be a place that they find a new commitment to your call on their lives,
And renewed fellowship with one another through serving.


Gracious Lord,
For the stressful days to come in the place, we pray your peace;
For the sad days to come in this place, we ask your comfort;
And for the joyous days to come in this place, we give you praise.


May all of the days lived within these wall be for your honor and your glory,
For you alone are worthy of our work, our worship and our praise.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,