Youth Services

Aids refugee students and families in their adjustment to school and life in America

School Enrollments connect students with the appropriate learning institutions and facilitate required school physicals, immunizations, and supplies.

Parent Orientations explain the American school system and empower parents to be actively involved in their children’s education.

School Support bridges the gap between refugee parents and school staff by holding educational meetings, providing interpreters, and offering mediation.

LINK Referrals connect families in Aurora to community agencies to access additional services like pre-schools and day-care facilities.

Adjustment Groups allow refugees students to meet in an intimate setting to talk about cultural adjustment, express themselves through art, attend monthly social events and take field trips that further expose them to the U.S. culture.

Afterschool Clubs provide the additional educational support needed for students to succeed, and the opportunity to experience childhood – many for the first time – after years of trauma and refugee camp life.

Extracurricular Activities like the annual World Cup Soccer Tournament, field trips, and regular hangouts with American church youth groups offer needed socialization and healthy outlets for youthful energy.

Summer Programs enable students to continue their education and social adjustment through the long summer months by participating in field trips and extended clubs provided through partner churches.

Want to Get Involved?

Malita Gardner, Children & Youth Program Manager (DuPage)
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Casey Barrette, Children & Youth Program Manager (Aurora)
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