Refugee Services

Collaborates with the local church and community to assist families who have fled war, torture and persecution to achieve stability and move toward healthy integration as they replant their lives in the United States.

Refugee Services

Initial Resettlement Services creates stability for newly arrived refugees to enhance their ability to succeed in a new community. This is accomplished through basic needs provision and case management focused on goal setting, cultural adjustment and resource connection.

Employment Services works with adult refugees to help secure full-time work, provide training and develop resources so that refugees can achieve stability and move toward meaningful vocations.

Youth Services aids refugee students and families in their adjustment to school and life in America to foster healthy integration, social schools and education.

The Counseling Center provides services for refugees who need help coping with the multiple losses and traumas they have undergone, either from experiences in their countries of origin or through difficulties associated with the process of refugee resettlement.

Community Services

Community and Church Connections link newly arrived families with established refugee communities, social service organizations, local churches and volunteers to facilitate integration and life-changing relationships.

Advocacy seeks to support refugee populations and the communities in which they live through partnership with local, state and federal governments. Advocacy efforts include education, consultation and relationship-building with these entities.