NEVER GIVING UP: One man's determination to overcome tragedy and pursue his career dream.  Michel P. was in a college class, studying medicine, when a neighbor came in with news that rocked his world: Both of his parents had been brutally murdered. On top of that, the man who’d killed them was...

28 Apr 2017

Ancila and Kathy As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we want to thank God for women like Ancila and her friend Kathy.

08 Mar 2017

A Fresh Start for a Refugee Family... ...And the Long Road Ahead Ammar, his wife Fatma, and their five children lived peaceful lives in Aleppo, Syria, until the civil war reached their city in 2012. One morning, Ammar’s youngest daughter Lela showed up to school and found a pile of rubble there...

01 Feb 2017

Making Peace with the Past: A conversation with Issam Smeir Dr. Smeir, can you start by telling us a little bit about your work in trauma therapy with refugees at the World Relief DuPage/Aurora Counseling Center?

19 Dec 2016